Waterfalls do present themselves as a wonderful and challenging subject matter to photographers. Firstly they’re beautiful places, secondly they are often in tricky lighting situation and thirdly they’re a dynamic subject as they’re moving (and of course movement means a challenge but also a real opportunity for a more dynamic shot).

Waterfall Photography,Tim Hall,Photographer,Cochrane,Alberta,CalgaryWaterfall Photography This 3 hour course will allow you the time to explore the settings on your camera to create the most dynamic shot you can. I will guide you and recommend angles and settings that will take you to the next level.

Throughout the course I will show you how to "take control of the shot" and explain the secrets such as Shutter Priority Mode,use of tripods,timing,filters,Aperture Priority mode,ISO and many more terms often used but rarely understood. 

Location: Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.

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Big HIll Springs Provincial Park,photography lessons,Tim Hall,Cochrane,AlbertaBig HIll Springs Provincial Park