"I will never tell you how to set your camera, I will tell you how I would set my camera" Tim Hall

Once I establish your skill level I will work with you to take it to the next level, this means I show you how to find angles using the natural surroundings, I will also show you how to use the weather to your advantage from working with wind, water, heat, and cloud streams, this will open windows that you did not even know where there, it quite often leaves people speechless when they see how much is going on right in front of them.

We will work with all settings on your camera from a bright afternoon to pitch black, work with water to slow it down and get the creamy effect that is so sought after on waterfalls and also work with Golden Hour shoots to understand how the natural light is diffused by the atmosphere.

Each photographer must find their own style and decide what makes them feel a picture is complete, I can guide you, but ultimately it is about "finding your style".

Much more can be explained but for now I will just touch on the basics. The lessons and shoots will revolve around high pressure weather(warm air) and pre-frontal weather patterns ( meaning the day before a storm or day of).This is by no means a "storm shoot" session, it is simply the weather I feel produces the most dynamic images.

  1. By the hour is $50 price based on meeting at specific location - If I travel to you the price is $85 per hour based on a 150 km radius of Cochrane,Alberta
  2. Full day 6 hours (weather dependent) $200-price based on meeting at specific location
  3. Two Days: 12 hours $400 (weather dependent) -price based on meeting at specific location. Can work with your schedule and spread hours to accommodate.
  4. 1 Week (7 days) $800 (this can be at your convenience - price based on meeting at specific location)
  5. 2 Week 14 (Days) $1600 (this can be at your convenience - price based on meeting at specific location)

Shoot locations: 

  • Ranch environment (please let me know of allergies to horses)
  • Provincial Parks
  • Back roads of Alberta

What I need to know:

  • Your current equipment (camera,tripod,lens ect)
  • Sample picture you feel represents your work
  • Your end goal, what is it you want to accomplish? This can be to simply take a better picture or it can be a better understanding of the environment, light, shadows, weather ect.

Yes I have equipment you can use, two cameras and a assortment of lenes's to accomplish end goal, this will be included in the deal, it is my hope to offer up a solution for anyone hoping to become a world class photographer and I encourage contacting me even if you don't own a camera !

Please feel free to call me or text me, 587-582-9571 at anytime with questions.

I look forward to meeting you !

Tim Hall


Tim Hall